Laser hair removal

At Cosmo Laser we offer permanent hair removal for men and women and we can treat almost every area of the body. Hair removal with laser is extremely popular and helps a lot of people saving time at shaving and other inconveniences.

With hair removal follows inconveniences that comes from regular shaving, for instance problems with red spots, irritated skin, and ingrown hairs. Here comes the economic expense for pricey razors and the environmental impact after using razors for a whole lifetime.

The reasons for wanting permanent hair removal can be very different. However we know that permanent hair removal is one of the treatments, which everyone is really satisfied with, when they are done with the treatment.

With age, many women experience getting dark hair in the face and find it very inhibiting in their everyday life. This may also be due to hormonal imbalance or PCOS. It’s quite common getting dark hairs, but by far the most want to be free for waxing, shaving, and epilating their face or other places at the body.

With permanent hair removal you avoid stubbles, red spots, ingrown hairs and not least all the trouble.



Fast and effective laser hair removal with equipment of the highest quality

At Cosmo Laser we treat our customers with the newest technology within permanent hair removal. We use a so-called Alexandritlaser and ND:Yag for effectively and carefully removing of unwanted hair.

We have actively decided to use laser over IPL, because laser release a more focused light and is because of that more effective on the individual hair root and can be used on every skin type.

How does permanent hair removal with laser work?

Many ask; permanent hair removal – Does it work? The short answer is YES (fortunately).

Permanent hair removal only works on darker hair though and because of that you shouldn’t wait till your hairs get grey/light. We can remove both coarse and fine hair with our developed laser technology, but the effect is best seen on the coarsest hairs.

The effect of the laser light is that the heat from the light ray destroys the hair follicles at the hairs which are in their period of growth. Therefore, it’s necessary with more treatments for also destroying the hair follicles, which were in their resting phase. The hair follicle gets destroyed by the heating from the laser treatment. On the other hand, the laser doesn’t damage the surrounded skin, in that way the treatment is careful and doesn’t require any recovery time.

Since damaged hair follicles don’t produce new hair, you will typically experience a reduction of up to 70-90% during the treatment.

If you get a few single hairs over the years, they are easy to remove with a single follow-up laser treatment.

You will also find that the hairs, which haven’t been affected, will grow slower the more treatments you will get. Likewise, after the first few treatments, you will experience hair-free periods after the treatment. That way, you also get an immediate effect while waiting for the permanent result.


What type of hair removal is best for you?

Maybe you have considered whether you should try a laser treatment for hair removal at home, with equipment you have bought in various online shops and physical retailers. We will not recommend these devices, if you want a lasting result. They may have an inhibitory effect on your hair growth, but will never be a permanent result.

An effective and safe laser treatment is only achieved by specially trained staff, who use equipment of high quality, and also have the required knowledge and experience to make a professional treatment with permanent hair removal. We have experience with permanent hair removal since 2009 and over 70,000 treatments behind us. This is af big security for you, who are considering starting a treatment with permanent hair removal.

Treatment guide of areas

It can be difficult to figure out what the areas you want to get treated really brings. Therefore, we have made some small illustrations that explain where some of the areas we most often receive questions about are. Hopefully they make it easier to pinpoint which areas to choose. If you still are in doubt, or if there is an area that we have not been illustrated, you are welcome to write to us here.

We treat almost the entire body, but there are some special areas on the body where it’s very popular to have a permanent hair removal with laser. See the list below.

Permanent hair removal on the face

Hair removal upper lip - Hair on the upper lip can be a major inconvenience for both men and women. You may feel the need to remove hair with tweezers or a razor for aesthetic reasons, but it can actually also be a big problem because it irritates the skin. At Cosmo, we use an accurate and effective laser to remove hair on the upper lip, which is very effective and careful.

Permanent hair removal on the intimate area

Hair removal bikini line - Red spots, ingrown hairs and skin irritation are something most people experience, when they shave in the bikini line. You can avoid this by getting laser treatment. By removing unwanted hair in the bikini line with laser, the hair follicle is destroyed by the heating from the laser treatment. Therefore, you should not be nervous, that the laser will damage the surrounding skin.

Hair removal legs - Hair on the legs is probably the area on the body that - especially women - spends a lot of time removing. There’s nothing more delicious than a pair of freshly shaved legs where the hairs do not sting, and the legs feel like silk. Unfortunately, it takes quite a long time shaving legs or epilating the hairs away and often the hairs grow back quickly. Furthermore, it's quite difficult to avoid both bumps and ingrown hairs when shaving your legs, no matter how gentle you are. Effective laser hair removal treatment helps you with all these things.

Before and after

Come by our clinic with your wishes

We are always up for a chat about your wishes and expectations. You will get professional counseling at the free consultation and at the treatment.


Learn more about the treatment

This is how the treatment takes place

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The treatment takes place in such a way, that the laser light and the heat from the light beam are conducted down into your hair follicles via your dark hairs, so that the hair follicle is destroyed. But in order for the hair follicle to be destroyed, the hair must be both dark and in its growth phase. Your hair goes through 3 phases: Growth phase, rest phase and rejection phase. Permanent hair reduction is achieved by the dark hairs which are the growth phase, but it is estimated that only 5% of your hairs are in this phase at the same time. Therefore, your result also varies from time to time.

This is the success rate

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It’s very individual how many treatments you will find suitable for permanent hair removal. Usually we recommend between 6-8 laser treatments. There will be some skin areas where the hairs disappear more easily than others. We recommend 4-12 weeks between each treatment in the same area.

Not all hair can be completely removed, but the amount of dark hair will typically be able to be reduced by 70% with a lasting result. However, some may experience a reduction of up to 95%.

Since the light and the heat are conducted down into the hair follicle via the dye in your hair, it’s not possible to treat light, gray or red hair. You can always ask our cosmetic nurses about other treatment options for light and red hair.

Before your treatment

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Before your first treatment, it’s important that you are not tanned or have used self-tanners before and between treatments. If the skin is darker than the hair color, the most optimal treatment result is not achieved and there will be an increased risk of side effects, such as a burning.

Therefore, you may experience having to postpone your time for treatment if your skin is too dark. The area to be treated must be shaved with a razor 24 hours before the treatment.

In the periods between treatments, you are welcome to shave with a razor. However, you must not use tweezers or wax treatment.

Under your treatment

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Permanent hair removal with GentleLase isn’t uncomfortable, as you know it from other types of permanent hair removal. It feels more like a light sting in the skin. And it is very short-lived.

And there will - in connection with the consultation - be an opportunity to feel how the treatment is on your skin.

After your treatment

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Your skin may be a little red and there may be a little swelling around the individual strands of hair - as with goosebumps. This disappears in a few hours.

Some may benefit from finishing with ointment/lotion after the treatment. You can see all the hairs after the treatment, because they don’t disappear immediately. First they will be pushed up to the surface, which happens at the same pace as the other hairs grow, which normally is around 0.1 mm pr. Day. The results can be assessed earliest 2-3 months after the treatment.

Avoid unnecessary skin irritation for 24 hours after treatment and avoid sunlight at the treatment site for 4 weeks after. You should not shave your hair for the first 24 hours to avoid to much skin irritation.

Potential side effects of your treatment

The skin may appear irritated shortly after the treatment and with a slight swelling around the individual strands of hair. Burning of the skin is extremely rare, but can occur if the skin has been immediately exposed to sunlight or is too dark.

If there is a burn or other irritation of the skin, it will be possible to contact a doctor or a nurse.

General contraindications (conditions that argue against treatment)

- Cancer, especially skin cancer
- Pregnancy and breast-feeding
- Use of antibiotics for impure skin
- Active herpes inflammation in the treatment area
- Uncontrolled diabetes
- Tendency to keloid scarring
- Uncontrolled hormonal disorders
- Anticoagulation therapy (blood thinning treatment).
- EpilepsyPast with bleeding coagulopathies - if you are bleeding.
- Pacemaker

Patient information

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If you would like to read more about the treatment, you can access our patient information on Acnelan here >>

Frequently asked questions to our doctor

Does the treatment with permanent hair removal hurt?

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The discomfort associated with permanent hair removal really depends a lot on where on the body you are being treated. Some areas are far more sensitive than others.

For example, you are very sensitive in the face and in intimate areas where the treatment may hurt a bit. However, the discomfort is temporary and disappears as soon as your treatment is over.

The cosmetic nurse always makes a great effort to create the best possible experience for you.

The statement "you have to suffer for beauty" applies to most people when it comes to hair removal, but 9 out of 10 people say that it is all worth it!

How many permanent hair removal treatments should I have?

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You should expect to get between 6-10 treatments 4 weeks apart to get a permanent result. The reason why a single treatment is not enough, is because your hair is alternately in different stages.

The laser can only remove hair that is in the growth phase, so therefore several treatments are needed to hit all the hairs. When you come to the treatment, you must be freshly shaved, and between your treatments you are more than welcome to shave as you usually do.

This has no negative effect on the result. Between each treatment you will find that you get fewer hairs and they become thinner and finer.

Can blonde hair be removed with laser?

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No, unfortunately they can’t. To create the optimal conditions for the laser, your hair must be dark and strong.

That’s why it’s important avoiding getting sun for 4 weeks before your treatment.

The reason why the laser cannot remove light hair is because the light and heat from the laser is absorbed into the pigment of the hair strand, which helps to direct light and heat further down to the hair follicle so that it gets destroyed.

You must not be too dark in the skin during your treatment, as the laser will then not be able to distinguish between the color of your hair and skin. Therefore, autumn and winter, when your skin is light, are the optimal time to start your process.

Will the hairs never come back again?

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Basically no. Once the laser has damaged your hair follicles, they can’t return immediately. However, there is a single sampling; hormonal changes.

Major hormonal changes such as pregnancy, PCO or the use of hormone-promoting contraception can have a negative impact on your result and promote your hair growth again.

See all our prices on permanent hair removal here

The prices below are normal prices per. treatment. When buying 2 (or more) areas, you get a 50% discount on the cheapest areas.

Treatment Prices
Full face 1.100 kr.
Lower face/full beard 900 kr.
Upper lip 500 kr.
Chin 500 kr.
Neck 600 kr.
Cheeks 600 kr.
Sideburns 500 kr.
Bikinilinje 700 kr.
Tanga 900 kr.
Brazil 1.200 kr.
Buttocks 1.200 kr.
Thighs 2.000 kr.
Lower legs 2.000 kr.
Inner thighs 750 kr.
Back thighs 1.000 kr.
Armpits 500 kr.
Upper arms 1.100 kr.
Lower arms 1.100 kr.
Back 1.700 kr.
Half back 1.000 kr.
Shoulders 800 kr.
Neck 500 kr.
Loin 500 kr.
Breast 1.100 kr.
Nipples/around nipples 500 kr.
Between breasts 500 kr.
Stomach 1.000 kr.
Linje fra navle og ned 500 kr.
Hands or feet 500 kr.

Price guarantee

At Cosmo, we offer a price guarantee on permanent hair removal using equivalent equipment (excluding IPL, SHR, and similar technologies).

If, contrary to expectations, you can provide documentation of a lower price for laser hair treatment, we will gladly refund you the difference. The price guarantee applies to Zealand and is valid for a maximum of 30 days after the purchase has been made.

Interest-free financing

At Cosmo, we offer interest-free financing in collaboration with SPARXPRES. This gives you the opportunity to borrow money for your treatments. There is no interest on your loan, and it only costs DKK 25 a month in addition to your repayment.

Buy now, pay later with Viabill

Do you want to buy your treatment with permanent hair removal now, but don't you have the money yet? Then we have a collaboration with Viabill, which may be the perfect solution for you.

With Viabill, you can divide your payment into ten installments. For example, if you are missing DKK 2,000 for your treatment, you can borrow them free of charge and completely interest-free. You simply pay off your purchase every month.

If you need to borrow more than DKK 2,000, you can create a credit agreement of up to DKK 10,000 via Viabill. With this solution, you have to pay DKK 29 per month as well as the installment on your purchase with interest on top.

To pay with Viabill, simply select Viabill as payment when you complete your purchase, just as when choosing payment by card or MobilePay.