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At Cosmo Laser, we offer permanent hair removal for both men and women, and we can treat pretty much all areas of the body. We use state-of-the-art equipment and perform treatments with the latest technology in permanent hair removal, the Gentlelase by Candela. We utilize an Alexandrite laser and ND:Yag for effective and gentle permanent hair removal.

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#1 In brief

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At Cosmo Laser the treatment for unwanted hair growth is performed with Alexandrite diode lasers from Candela. The treatment works by emitting laser light that destroys the roots and follicles of the hair.

Hair goes through 3 phases: active growth phase, rest phase and rejection phase. The laser will only have an effect on the hairs that are in the active growth phase, and it is therefore often necessary to get more than one treatment. The hair follicles that get destroyed in each individual treatment have a permanent effect and do not come back.

The laser light is guided by the dark pigment in the individual hair strand down into the hair follicle where it is destroyed. Hence, it is not possible to remove hair without pigment, such as light or red hair.

#2 Before the treatment

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Avoid sun exposure or artificial tanning: When the skin is exposed to sunlight the amount of pigment increases and heightens the risk of skin burns from the laser. It is therefore required that you stay out of the sun four weeks before and four weeks after the treatment. For the same reason, it can be difficult to treat people with a darker skin tone.

All customers are required to attend an individual consultation with one of Cosmo Laser’s registered nurses before any treatments. This is to ensure that the condition of your skin is within the boundaries of what is safe to treat. If the requirements for protection from sun exposure are not complied with, Cosmo Laser may be forced to cancel and/or postpone the treatment.

We reserve the right to cancel any treatments where we assess that there is an increased risk of skin burns. We reserve the right to impose a fee of DKK 500 if the treatment is canceled due to the above. This also applies in the event of absence without notice 24 hours before the treatment.

To provide the laser with the optimal conditions to reach down and destroy the hair follicle, you should shave the areas where you will be receiving treatment approximately 24 hours before your appointment. You must not epilate, use tweezers, or wax the areas for 6 weeks before the treatment because the laser targets the hair follicles that contain a hair strand.

Do not epilate, use tweezers or wax in the areas six weeks before the treatment. If the hairs are removed by any of these methods, the laser is unable to use the pigment in the hair to be guided down into the hair follicle, thus, rendering the treatment without effect. A razor can still be used before, after, and between treatments.

The treatment area should be intact, without infections, wounds, or irritation, just as it is recommended to ensure that the skin is well-maintained before starting the treatment. A well-maintained skin responds better to the treatment and is also capable of recovering in a shorter time.

According to the legislation on cosmetic treatments, the treated area must be photographed before a treatment can be started.

#3 During the treatment

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The treatment feels like a hot stinging or tingling sensation when the laser is applied. Most people describe it as a mild to moderate discomfort but usually not associated with pain. This also applies to the intimate area, although it can be a bit more sensitive than other areas. The discomfort is temporary and is only felt at the moment when the laser is being applied.

#4 After the treatment

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There may be a slight redness of the skin and there may be some swelling around the individual strands of hair just like goosebumps. This is quite common and disappears within a few hours. Some may benefit from applying a soothing lotion without perfume, as well as cooling the skin with an ice pack.

Both can be offered after the treatment. You can still see all the hairs after the treatment, as these must first naturally grow out of the dead hair follicle before they disappear. After 2-3 weeks, you will start to shed the treated hair, after which you’ll have a period without hair before new hair strands appear in the active growth phase. Avoid unnecessary irritation of the skin for 24 hours after treatment.

#5 Amounts of treatments and expectations

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It is impossible to remove 100% of all hair follicles as there are some hair strands that contains insufficient pigment for the hair follicle to be destroyed. However, the laser will always remove very coarse and dark hair very efficiently.

Furthermore, you will often find that ingrown hairs and red bumps disappear, as it is irritation in the hair follicles that causes this.

The number of treatments needed varies from person to person, but our experience is that you can achieve about 70% permanent hair reduction with 6-10 treatments. This is a realistic goal. Subsequent treatments maybe required once or twice a year, or whenever needed, to remove hair follicles that have not been in active growth throughout the initial treatment process.

Some 5% of all customers will have little to no effect of the treatment. This may be due to PCO, hormonal changes, or other anatomical and physiological differences in the skin. In men, the level of testosterone can also have an adverse effect on the efficiency of the treatment. If these conditions apply more than 6-10 treatments may be necessary to gain the same degree of permanent hair removal. As such, Cosmo Laser offers no guarantee on the final result nor any refunds based on an expected outcome.

#6 Side effects/risks

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In rare cases, a small degree of skin burn can occur despite a careful screening at the consultation. If this is the case blisters, light staining or darkening of the skin as well as scarring can appear. These burns can occur for several reasons, but typically if the skin has been exposed to the sun.

In most cases, a skin burn will be small scale and will heal up just like other superficial skin injuries. If a skin burn or another unexpected irritation or reaction in the skin is seen, our nurse staff or associated doctor can be contacted for assessment and assistance.

#7 Contraindications

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The following are reasons why one may not be approved for the treatment:

  • A history of mole cancer or skin cancer
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • A past with keloid scars
  • Epilepsy that is not well treated
  • Tattooed skin

#8 Consent

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According to the law of cosmetic treatments, there is a 48-hour reflection period before you can give consent to the treatment once the oral information has been given. A companion is always welcome to be present during the consultation and treatment.

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